costumes, props & make-up

What began as a hobby, became a livelihood.

I create original concept art and characters, coupled with extensive research on materials and fabrics to achieve the most comfortable and eye-catchy costumes. 

To view the process the process of my costumes, you can view the projects on my Behance Page.

Spagetti Bikini

Burlesque Spaghetti Bikini

Trish the Trahsy Trout

Comic Book and Mermaid Parade Character created by Angie Guevara

The Devil from "Cuphead"

Boss Character from the video game Cuphead

Cala Maria from "Cuphead"

Boss Character from the video game Cuphead

Devil Onsie

Devil Onsie

Miss Haiti 2018

Miss Haiti 2018

Childhood Monster Slayer

Monster Skin

Dead Doll

Rag Doll

HH Game Watch

The official torture watch from the film "The HH Game"

Witch Belladonna

Witch Belladonna

Zombie Make-Up

Zombie Girl

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